Showtime Prep is one of the most reasonably priced Post Grad Programs in the nation. 

Fall Tuition for 2023:

Full Tuition is $6,000. However, we have partial scholarships available to players who have received an offer from us. The scholarship is UP TO $2500 OFF of the Full Tuition, and we also offer payment plans. Transfer Students and Offensive Linemen receive an additional $1,000 scholarship on top of that. Take advantage of the Early Bird Discount by registering before March 1st!

We offer different payment options:

  • 1 payment of  $3,500 if payed in one lump sum. ( $2,500 OFF of the Full Tuition)
  • IF paying before March 1st $2,500 in one payment
  • If making payments; $1,500 down and 3 additional payments of $1,000 (for a total of $4,500)

For Transfer Students and Offensive Lineman, the payment are as such:

  • 1 payment of $2,500 if payed in one lump sum. ( $3,500 OFF of the Full Tuition)
  • IF paying before March 1st $2,000 in one payment
  • If making payments; $1,500 down and  3 additional monthly payments of $700 (for a total of $3,600) 

The above amounts also include the following:

  • Athletic Fees/Equipment/Uniforms/ Away Game Transportation

  • NCAA Clearance Evaluation -NOT Registration​

  • Recruiting Promotion​ & National Recruiting Service provided by Showtime Prep

  • Access to film & Assistance with Development Of Highlight Video

--Athletic tuition does not include housing, academic tuition, or meal plan--


 Player Requirements: (ALL PLAYERS)

*All players must have HS Diploma or GED at start of the program 

Laptop Computer w/ camera (If taking classes online)

Cleats (For turf and grass)

Individual Health Insurance (Not Provided) *Required (Please have your medical card with you at all times)

Basic Sports Health Physical (You must present your physical clearing you to play) (Cannot participate without one)

Your own personal transportation (for classes, practice, & home games)

You must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse (for a future NCAA opportunity & eligibility)   (Clearinghouse fee not included)

*Showtime Prep Shall Provide each player with Helmet, Shoulder Pads, game jersey, game pants with  knee pads. (All Equipment must be returned at the end of the season or players will incur a $1000 equipment penalty and/ or face theft charges)

Players can bring their own shoulder pads and helmet (Helmet must be Black with a Black Fa)

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